CrowsToes Maia

My first go-round with CrowsToes Pleiades collection was the swoon-worthy Merope, and her sister Maia is just as lovely.

indoor CF lighting
Like Merope, Maia is a sheer base packed with color-shifting shimmer.  The first coat showed a translucent charcoal base very reminiscent of the Dance Legend duochromes, but the second coat had things mostly opaque.  I added a 3rd coat to any lighter patches (mostly over my tips), and that did the trick.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Maia is a deep rosy wine in direct light that easily shifts to a coppery bronze at any angle of the light.  It's additionally packed with microflakes that also shift color, so that in low light they look like peppery silvered spots, and in bright light like glass fleck shimmer.

direct sunlight
The pink-to-bronze shift goes through plenty of rich, warm shades of red and gold in-between:  it's totally autumn in a bottle.

copper, red, pink.  all together at once.  awesome.
indoor CF lighting.  watch the leaves turn color on my fingers.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  When I wore Hellhound, I'd wanted it to be more duochrome and have an easier formula.  Well, this is it (Hellhound is more of a chunky shimmer and maybe a little more saturated version of a very very similar color).  It chipped quicker than I'd like, but the color is just awesome.

Where to buy:  There's a list of international stockists down the right side of the CrowsToes blog page.



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