Takko Opium

Of every Takkito I've seen, Opium was the one that was undeniably a must-have... and ultimately, the one that taught me that "batch differences" in indie polishes may totally be a real thing.  Suzy wore this one recently, and it looked amazing on her: rich, deep brown, full of fire.  Since I had a meeting that really needed some Srs Bzns, it was totally time to try this one out again.

indoor CF lighting
Opium, on me, is never brown, in any light; it's always black.  Maybe that's my super pale skin making it look even darker, or maybe I have a different batch, but there ya go.  In the right light, it does indeed have an incredible shimmer of the red-to-green Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire sort, just not quite as much as in the bottle.

outdoor angled sunlight
At times, it looks like glowy embers from within that inky black, and it's really pretty when the right light + right angle strike red and gold and bronze sparks.

Most of the time indoors, this is what it looked like on me (below):  black, with a subtle red shimmer.

indoor CF lighting
In angled light, wow, that emerald green!

sorry it's blurry, but this one showed the color change best.
Sigh.  It's totally capable of being amazing, and with the right light and the right angles pointing into my camera, this is the kind of thing that I can make look entrancing without any real effort.  But IRL, much less KER POW!!!! than in macro pics.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  The formula and wear are decent, but I have that permanent disappointment about surprise black colors.  If the incredible shimmer was as densely applied on the nail as it is clinging to the side of the bottle, I'd probably be a good bit more in love.

Where to buy:  Takko is definitely a cult brand.  Check her facebook page to stalk the restocks at her store, or do the same for restocks at Llarowe.



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