Pahlish Coyote & The Cloud

For a little over a month now, Pahlish has released 2 or 3 one-time-only shades each Friday, their "bespoke batches."  Coyote & The Cloud is the first of these I've picked up.

indoor CF lighting
Coyote is a dusty stormcloud-blue-grey crelly filled with metallic bronze flakes.  The flakes were amazing in the bottle, and a little more subtle on the nail.

indirect, cloudy sunlight
The formula and finish reminded me a whole lot of butter London's Two-Fingered Salute: the creamy base definitely needed 3 coats for opacity, but by the 3rd coat things start getting a little clumpy.  I'm just too impatient to let each coat DRY for 10 minutes before tossing on the next one.

same cloudy afternoon
On the ring finger above, you can see that this isn't a straight crème finish; there's a pretty bit of translucency to this color.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars.  The formula gave me some trouble, but those flakes are just lovely.  The greyed-out tone of blue keeps it from being a spring- or summer-only shade, this is a year-round almost-pastel.

Where to buy:  This was a one-time-only batch, so I'm not sure if they'll bring it back again.  Keep an eye on their facebook page for announcements about the bespoke batches - they did bring back a handful for a second appearance a week or two ago.  Pahlish's store is my go-to, but they are sold at Llarowe, too.  



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