OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise

The boy declared aqua to be the next color, and then selected OPI's Austin-tatious Turquoise from a lineup.  This happened to be the only one I scooped up from the 2011 Texas collection, and I hadn't worn it again since I became a full-bore polish junkie, so it was due for another test drive.

indoor CF lighting
Austin is a bright blue-leaning teal, packed with glass-fleck shimmer that often gave it a metallic or foil sort of look.  Fantastic in the sunlight and still eye catching indoor, the color is just killer.

outdoor, late afternoon direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
With some sun, it's pearl-y, metallic-y, and in low light, the glass flecks look almost like foil or micro-flakes.

outdoor, shade
As plenty of other bloggers have mentioned, this formula is a tricky little weasel.  It's extremely watery and sheer - this is 3-4 coats here, and your cuticles will get flooded no matter what.  But as though it was trying to redeem itself, it's a surprise duochrome:

indoor CF + incandescent lighting
Yes indeedy, at angles, there's a little lavender flash in Austin.  

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Even the watery mess can't make me hate this fantastic color.

Where to buy:  since this is part of an older collection that wasn't then picked up as a core color line, Austin is probably best found online - try ebay and amazon.



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