Models Own Pinky Brown & Comparisons

Llarowe had a bunch of pretty fantastic sales between black friday and the holidays, one of which had all Models Own polishes for too good to pass up something on my wishlist, so Pinky Brown came on home.

indoor CF lighting
Pinky Brown is what the name says it is:  a duochrome that shifts from deep metallic pink to an almost brownish-bronze.  It has plenty of shimmery flash, and is mostly opaque in 2 coats.

indoor, office fluorescents
It's most frequently this pink-wine shade, often with a little subtle shift off to one side or another.

indoor CF lighting
While dead-on it's an even deeper fuchsia, at angles that bronze comes right on over the edges.

indoor CF lighting
Now, I love me some duochromes, they're easily my fave flavor of polish.  And in this endless quest to swatch the bajillion untrieds in my stash, I keep finding duochromes that are variations on a theme but not at all unique, strictly speaking.  In other words, apparently, when I find a color I like, I keep liking it over and over and over...

Which obviously begs a comparison.  Now, this wine-to-gold shift is certainly akin to Lurdurana Fascinante, Picture Polish Solar Flare, and others in that super-shifty vein.  PB is less shifty and much more opaque than that previous comparison batch, though, so the closest things in my stash were a pair of Crows Toes, Maia and Hellhound.

All 3 have the darker wine at their centers, and ring out to bronze-copper at the edges.  All have a lovely sparkle and a moderate shift (it changes enough to see it easily, but it's not OMG dramatic).

On the nail, a few differences show up here and there.  For both of these pics, I'm wearing L-to-R Hellhound on my index finger, Maia on the middle, and PB on the ring.  Maia is the lightest of the 3, with the smoothest shimmer.  Hellhound is the darkest, with the chunkiest shimmer.  PB is in-between on both color and shimmer texture.

When I first wore Hellhound, I wanted it to be more duochromatic than it was, and it's still the least shifty of the 3 here.  Maia remains the shiftiest of the bunch, and it wears better on me than PB, so that's a clear winner for me.  Someday, I should ponder purging, because I probably don't need all 3 of them, though none are technically identical dupes.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars, and that might have been nudged higher if I'd never met Maia.  It's a nice color that went on easily, and apparently I can't say no to this color combo.

Where to buy:  Models Own is a UK brand, and shipping direct from the UK to the US is problematic.  As per usual, I get my international fix from Llarowe.



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