Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck

For the last 2 years running, Enchanted has released Vampires Suck as part of a single-pour Halloween collection.  I'd been interested, but had a full-on lemming moment once a friend posted swatches that were undeniably fantastic.

indoor CF lighting
Vampires Suck is a blackened brown linear holo with a duochrome that shifts from red to bronze.  With all these warm colors going on, most often it had the reddened rusty brown shade of dried blood - love it!  Of all the pics I took of this shifty holo, the bottle shot above was the only one that captured the subtle green flash that was occasionally there IRL.

outdoor, shady overcast daylight
The holo didn't grey out the base color at all in low light.  This is a depth of winter sort of dark color pretty much all the time.

outdoor, bright sunlight
In bright sunlight at direct angle, a gorgeous warm redwood flash streaked across the rainbow arc.

This is definitely a blackened brown, and it does appear nearly black around the edges of the shimmery red/bronze or when the light is at long angles.  It's not necessarily black in low lighting - seems to be more a trick of the light than a condition of lighting, if that makes sense.

check out 3 different colors of flash all at once.
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars for this utterly luscious color.  Unfortunately, the formula wasn't as carefree as I usually end up with for Enchanted - it was a bit thicker than ideal though nowhere near goopy.  Thicker coats of course mean that it wore/chipped quicker than I'd like, but hey, I'll forgive a lot for this color.

Where to buy:  unless Enchanted releases this yearly, try blog sales & ebay.

ETA:  Enchanted DID give this another go in early October, but said it's the last time for this color, so indeed ebay is your best bet.



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