ILNP Blue Steel + braid accent

Fall is creeping up on us - the temperatures are already way lower than just a couple of weeks ago - so it's definitely time for the last hurrah of untried holos before the winter greys roll in.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Blue Steel is from the first time ILNP released "ultra" holos, somewhen in 2013.  It's a touch grey, like a nicely worn denim, with a rainbow arc fiery enough to cause the camera to have some fits.  Topcoat didn't dull the holo impact at all.

outdoor, bright sunlight
I used Femme Fatale's Mirror of Dawn and Deepstone to add a braided accent nail, and all 3 were crazy holo in the sunlight.

i love how the holo arc lines up across the braid, regardless of which color stops and starts where
Blue Steel is holo-y enough that it does have the little silver flecks visible in low light that's typical of spectraflair, but since the base color is already a little grey, it doesn't detract from it at all.

overcast morning daylight
This was fully opaque in 2 coats, with the very nice formula (not too thick, not too thin, easy to control) that's typical for ILNP.  Cleanup was minimal, and this blue didn't stain either my cuticles or my nails, but it was sadly rather chippy, needing to be repaired a bit to get more than a day or so out of it.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  ILNP makes lovely holos, which you can buy direct from them here.  Blue Steel, however, has been retired, so it'll need to be hunted across the wilds of the interwebs.



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