Emily de Molly Living After Midnight

Apparently, i really love me some wine-colored holos, maybe because wines are usually so much more flattering on my skin than true red, and yet less "dramatic" than royal purples?  In any case, toss in a vampire-themed name, and I'm sold.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Emily de Molly's Living After Midnight is a lovely wine linear holo with a rosy center flash.  It's totally wearable with my skintone, utterly feminine, and would absolutely count as a subversive neutral if you can get away with polish this dark at work.  I have plenty of much darker or blackened wine shades, and I wouldn't classify this as anywhere near "vampy".

full sunlight
2 coats of LAM and you're good to go, with a nice shine and easy cleanup.  The rosy central flash made this look more red or more bronze in different lighting, though it's not actually duochromatic.

In the shade, the holo particles are visible as a light dusting, but this never looks muted or greyed-out.

overcast, late afternoon daylight, i have no idea what's with that one spot on my nail
late afternoon sunlight - love that soft rosy glow
Rating: a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  It's not the most unique color in my collection, but it is really pretty.  The major downside is that I wish this wore better, since I ended up with obvious edgewear after just a day or so.

Where to buy:  EDM's web store to buy direct, or Color 4 Nails.



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