Ethereal Lacquer Whimsy + Ulta Love Fern

I've proven to myself many times over now that I love me some duochromes, so much that I end up buying the same color combos over and over and over (click on that "duochrome" category over to the right and just see how many comparisons of the same colors I keep finding in my stash.  Sigh).

indoor CF lighting
On a fairly recent order from Femme Fatale, I stumbled across Ethereal Lacquer's Whimsy, a lovely (yeah, even ethereal) teal shimmer.  The swatch I saw certainly has this layered over white or palest grey, since the bottle I have is nowhere near opaque.  Here I have 2 coats, with 2 coats of Ulta's Love Fern layered on top.

You can see from the edges of the bottle shots that Whimsy isn't solely teal - the edges are indeed pink then purple.  Though I was 100% unsuccessful in capturing the purple flash that's undeniably there at long angles to the light, I'm 99% sure this is the same aqua-to-purple duochrome that's in Picture Polish Illusionist, ILNP Sirene, and the like.  The difference being that in Whimsy's case, the base is nearly clear, while for the others the base is grey or even darker (i.e., actually opaque).

bright sunlight
Love Fern is special in my heart, since the man picked it out for me once when he stopped by the local Ulta to pick up a special order for me - yes, ladies, all on his own, he picked me out some aqua glitter.  <3

shady, indirect daylight
Love Fern is 2 sizes of teal hex glitter, in small and really tiny.  Combo that with the teal pearly shimmer of Whimsy, and in low light, too cute!

awwww, my nails look like I'm a fairy!
Rating:  3 out of  5 stars all around.  Whimsy gets bonus points for versatility, but the opacity of other similar colors in my stash mean I'm probably trading this one out.  Love Fern is adorbs 4-evah.

Where to buy:  seems like Ethereal isn't around right now?  Maybe try Color 4 Nails or Femme Fatale if they ever restock.



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