Femme Fatale Our Scorching Sister

Femme Fatale is easily one of my absolute fave nail polish brands - for all of 2015, they've been releasing a new collection every other month or so (yep, just counted, 4 and a trio for 9 months of the year so far), and yet there's at least 1 or 3 from EVERY collection that I have to get my paws on.

bright indoor CF lighting
Along with the other beauties from the recent Narnia/White Witch collection, FF dropped a handful of "oops" shades, where a batch hadn't been up to snuff and Sophie fixed it.  According to the FF facebook group, Our Scorching Sister is an oops for The First Northern Witch, a much lighter and cooler stone grey with gold flake shimmer.

direct sunlight
Scorching is a deep concrete grey, packed with small bronze to iridescent flakes (they sometimes flash just a little green or pink in low lighting), plenty of gold dust shimmer, and scattered with holographic microglitters.

While the gold dust predominates in the sunlight (this so an amped up, richer version of things like Takko Electric Apple), the flakes get to take center stage in the shade.

overcast, rainy daylight
SWOOOOON flakes!
The overall effect in the shade is of a green undertone to the grey (colorblind man swore this was a mossy green polish).  Either way, sun or shade, it's way too pretty to be a one-and-done, but there you have it.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The formula was of a lovely thickness that stayed right where I put it, no pooling or dragging.  It was also thick enough that it was kinda chippy, needing minor repairs on one finger or another daily.  Still, the color is totally worth it.

Where to buy:  sadly, totally sold out.  Join the FF facebook group to get the tip-off when these LE bottles will be released.



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