Femme Fatale Deepstone + a England Prosperine Gradient

For some reason, I'm on a crazy nail art kick lately, throwing all my hits and near-misses right on at you.

Today's attempt is a gradient of Femme Fatale's Deepstone (the 2nd time this pretty is making an appearance in nail art, though I've still never worn it solo) and a England's Prosperine.  I both love the murky colors fading darker, and simultaneously think the gradient line is way too harsh of a stripe rather than a gradual blending.

That bronze glimmer peeking out of Deepstone's wine base is fantastic, I really need to give that one a whirl on its own.

Learning curve hot tip:  don't pick a pair of polishes with widely different opacities (Prosperine's one-coat and done vs Deepstone's need for 2), or else don't just lay the gradient down onto basecoat (i.e., definitely put a base layer of color down first).



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