Morgan Taylor Best Ball Gown Ever

Earlier this year, Disney released a live-action Cinderella movie, which Morgan Taylor used as the tie-in for their spring collection.  The clear stand-out for me was Best Ball Gown Ever.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Morgan Taylor is an entirely new brand to me.  A friend who wears it occasionally has raved about it, but until this particular color struck my eye, I'd not sought any out.  Ball Gown is basically the shade of Cinderella's dress in the movie, a lovely spring periwinkle that shifts from lavender in some lighting to sky blue in others.

outdoor, indirect shady daylight
The shimmer is a spectacular greened-gold that has the texture (visual texture only, this went on quite smooth) of crushed pearls.  There's not really individual sparkling particles visible, instead a rich wash of shimmer.  Compare the 2 shimmer-focused macros below: in softer light (bottom), the shimmer was a silvery gold, while in brighter light (top), it absolutely has a greenish firefly cast.

indoor, bright CF lighting
outdoor, indirect shady daylight

The formula was totally unusual - it started off all bad and then went straight to wonderful.  The first coat was a streaky, patchy mess that I thought would never work out.  The 2nd coat evened things up, but this absolutely needed 3 coats for opacity.  Each coat went on perfectly thin and smoothly, and stayed right where I put it.  Clean up was minimally necessary.  And then through a whole bunch of stuff going on (mostly a redone mani cave!!!), this ended up staying on for 5 days straight.  It wore like IRON, with just minor edgewear.

Rating:  a totally solid 4 out of 5 stars.  In fact, this color combo reminded me a whole lot of a more subtle version of Femme Fatale's Glass Coffin, so if you missed out on that one, this may be easier to pick up stateside.

Where to buy:  One of my polish pals occasionally gets bottles of it from her sister that works at a salon, and it appears to be a brand sold only in salons and not beauty stores.  Try amazon, or see if your local salon will order it for you like mine did.



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