Cirque Halcyon

I headed off out of town this past weekend for several days of birthday party shenanigans with Suzy, so I wanted to go with something a little blingy.  Here's Cirque's Halcyon.

Cirque Halcyon
indirect, overcast daylight
Halcyon was part of Cirque's 2015 Holiday collection, and purchase of it gave a charity donation to Girls Who Code, so that's pretty sweet too.  It's a luscious rose gold foil, almost a one-coater but perfect in two, supremely metallic and utterly blinding in the sun.

Cirque Halcyon
indoor CF lighting
I forgot to get a proper bottle shot with hand pose, but you can see in the macro here that the finish is made up of metallic microflakies in a presumably clear base.  It goes on deliciously smooth, is flawlessly self-leveling, and has a very subtle texture when dry before topcoat.

Cirque Halcyon
indirect, shady morning daylight
I stamped a 2-sided accent sunburst design from Bundle Monster's BM-402 plate using NanaCoco Love Black (srsly, best black stamping polish ever), and felt like a shiny southwestern goddess all weekend.

Cirque Halcyon
full sunlight.  blind!
Rating:  Halcyon is an easy 5 out of 5 star polish.  The formula is perfect, the color is amazing, and it wore great.  Just be sure to go with the soak & pull removal method - you know those metallic microflakies are gonna get all over everything permanently if you rub the cotton ball back and forth.

Where to buy:  sadly, like everything I've ever swooned over from Cirque, Halcyon was limited edition and is now sold out (WHY CIRQUE WHY?!?).  Try blog sales/destashes or that sort of thing.  The closest polish I know of is ILNP's Juliette, released as part of their holiday collection at about the same time, that's just a little more chunky of flakes, maybe a little more pink-toned, and has holo sparkle added.



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