Ever After Fangtasia

All nailista children of the 80s have painted their nails purple this week, and since His Royal Badness was always flash, a plain purple just wouldn't do.

indoor, CF lighting
Ever After released Fangtasia as part of this past Halloween's Hella Holo Customs True Blood collaborations.  It's a bright purple that leans just very slightly more red than blue, with a light jelly formula that's easy to work with and results in a sparklingly linear holo, plus multichrome flakes.

filtered shady daylight for both

The jelly formula is completely self-leveling and gives a nice gloss even before topcoating.  In low light, the delicate rainbow of multichrome flakes adds a whole lot of interest.

outdoor, bright sunlight for both

In brighter light, the linear holo was in full effect, with a pretty paler purple flash (or is it just crazy shine?) up the center.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, totally perfect other than the fact that jellies tend to wear quickly on me, and Fangtasia was no exception.  It was nice, smoothly even edgewear that a nail muggle wouldn't be bothered by, but after a couple days, it was time for me to reload.

Where to buy:  join the HHC group on facebook to catch this beauty in a destash.  Alternately, the maker has mentioned that her Jungle Juice is the same base, with more flakes and less holo, so you could get about the same idea with a bit of holo TC.



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