Fair Maiden Tauplexed

I found myself heading off to a very brief business trip earlier this week, so a less-flashy, professional sort of color was in order.  But not boring or plain, geez.  Fair Maiden's Tauplexed fit the bill fine.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Tauplexed is a shade of "taupe" that's utterly unique in my stash.  In some lighting, yes, it's that shade between tan and grey that we call taupe, but it just as often looked pink-tinged or lavender or "gravender" and in most cases more generally colorful than I think of when using the word taupe.

outdoor, direct sunlight
It also has a lovely coppery-gold flash in the center of a very finely linear holo arc, and a dusting of metallic bronze microflake that was super shy IRL and in pics.

indirect, overcast daylight.  this is as close to the microflake shimmer as we're going to get.
The holo rainbow is pretty, but visible only in bright sunlight.  Which, not coincidentally, makes this a perfect slightly subversive office neutral.  Indoors, you're all business.

outdoor, direct sunlight for both

Rating:  the nice formula and pretty color get this 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Where to buy:  Tauplexed is a store exclusive for Color 4 Nails.



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