Pahlish Paper Flowers

This week found me headed off to a business trip in sunny south Texas, calling for a nice professional color... with a sparkle.  I've recently snagged a few Pahlish LEs, and the taupe Paper Flowers fit the bill.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Paper Flowers is a January 2016 Bespoke Batch (one and done pour) in a warm cocoa taupe color with a linear holo and bronze flash.

indoor, CF lighting
Since I was out on bizness this week, I sadly have few "real" pics of this polish.  It was a little thick (Pahlish tends to need a couple of drops of thinner from me), but wore nicely without chipping while out of town, and that's rather important.

indoor, whatever lights are in a hotel lobby, plus some WAY early am sunlight
The bronze flash is aaaaaalmost duochromatic, shading somewhere closer to coppery at angled lighting, but I was wholly unable to capture that.  The holo is plenty present indoor or out.  For some reason, this polish has a tendency to separate out quicker than most (apparently the base is army green tinted?), but re-mixes with just the usual shake.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 3 of 5 stars, a lovely neutral with a little edge to it.

Where to buy:  keep your peepers peeled for Pahlish's every so often Bespoke Batch vault sales, where faves make a repeat visit.



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