Trust Fund Beauty Just Call My Lawyer

One of the lovely ladies in my fb nail polish group posted a devastating swatch of BPAL's The House That Bleeds.  Since it had already been challenge enough to talk myself out of these inspired by Crimson Peak things, I had to dive into my stash and find the closest dupe I could to avoid even more impulse purchases.  Oh, wait, my first sampling of Trust Fund Beauty included a dead-on vampy red...

indoor, bright CF lighting
Just Call My Lawyer is a super saturated, extra vampy, red-with-a-hint-of-brown (let's not quite say dried blood) shimmer packed into a deep charcoal base color.

you can sorta see the charcoal crelly base at the cuticle edge here
It's the perfect vampy shade in that it never looks quite black, but it does sometimes look like black velvet that just happens to shine red:

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
It's a pretty perfect dead of winter color, especially if you're doing something daring or sophisticated for the holidays.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Only right now?  It's neither winter nor the holidays nor am I dressing to the nines for a swank soiree.  Let's holo that shiz.

bright afternoon daylight
Everyone keeps telling me that the older Color Club Halo Hues stamp like champs, and, hey, yet again the internet is full of win.  This is Cosmic Fate, a peachy-nude, blindingly linear holo, stamped using Uber Chic's Out of Africa UC-01 plate.

indirect, filtered daylight
In shade, it mostly looked silvery (but always with a touch of rainbows), but in the sun, the peachy flare harmonized nicely with the deep red flare of JCML.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for JCML.  Good formula, wore decently, luscious color (though not necessarily the most unique - it's very very similar to China Glaze X, OPI German-icure, and the like), and a very generous 17ml bottle.  In fact, that was the only trouble - the looooooong brush  means you have to work very quickly to prevent more polish from dripping down the brush and flooding things.

Where to buy:  direct from Trust Fund Beauty.



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