Elevation When the Cherry Met the Spoon

Ok, back from my work trip and done with being subtle, dainty, or professional, I pulled out a vibrantly colored Elevation Polish, When the Cherry Met the Spoon.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Cherry was originally a prototype that then made it to the core line with (IIRC) a bit more holo dust.  It's a saturated berry wine shown here at 3 coats, but was much closer to berry-red at one coat or in bright sunlight, as below.

outdoor, direct sunlight
I honestly preferred the more red color, and if had been sheer but even at one coat, I would have left it that way.  Cherry has a scattering of color-shifting chrome flakies and a handful of holo dust tossed into its jelly base for visual interest in different lighting conditions, but the look in bright light stayed my fave.

indoor, shady window-filtered daylight
check out the flakes sparkling here
YASSSS that warm color and bright sparkle
I've recently snagged a bottle of Baroness X's new group custom, Sir Cockicorn, which is a 230-type shifting pigment in a clear base instead of the usual bluish- or purple-tinted base.  Since Cherry already had flakes and holo going on, why not add 230 and a stamp to boot?

indirect daylight
Here I'm using the rising sun/fan design from the corner of Bundle Monster's Japan plate (BM-XL-155, which is turning out to be my most used plate ever) and Born Pretty gold stamping polish for accent nails, plus a layer of Sir Cockicorn over everything.  It didn't change the base color much at all, and I did get a hint of that lovely emerald flash.

late afternoon daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars for Cherry.  Still need to play around with SC to unlock all his possibilities!



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