Emily de Molly The Glaring

Once upon a time last year, there was a polish charity auction where every bottle rapidly soared toward (and often past) the $100 mark.  There was one in there that I was just AAAARGH over not being able to snag... and then Emily de Molly released this beauty a couple of months ago that captures everything I loved about that one-off long-lost lemming.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The Glaring (btw, Emily de Molly, wish like anything you'd explain your polish names in the listings, cuz whut?) is a stunning sapphire blue jelly with a rich emerald green fine-milled shimmer, plus silvery holo glitter rounds in a couple of sizes.  The glitter pieces were stuck to the sides of the bottle such that no shaking could budge them, and yet, glitter placement on the nail was a perfectly easy thing with no fishing or dabbing needed.

outdoor, overcast filtered daylight
The overall effect of the blue base + green shimmer + holo rounds was somewhere between outer space galaxy and deep sea waters.  Are the dots planets, stars, or bubbles?  I dunno, but the dark aqua tint to it is awfully pretty.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a lush 4 out of 5 stars.  The glitter & shimmer in here meant that it wore a little better than your typical jelly, but the light scattering of glitter meant it wasn't too hellacious to remove.

Where to buy:  direct from Emily de Molly's US site, or from Color4Nails.



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