Baroness X Quixotica + quick comparison

Apparently, it's jelly + flakie week around here, so I reached for the color-wheel opposite of my last one, Baroness X Quixotica.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Quixotica is a luscious cool-toned emerald green scattered with ultrachrome flakies and then packed with a brightly sparkling shimmer that shifts from gold to green, giving the whole thing a watery look.  The flakies are an accent rather than the main show; this one is all about that gorgeous shimmer.

indoor, bright CF lighting
indirect morning daylight
In angled light (above 2 pics), the shimmer looked like emerald green glass fleck.  In more direct light (below 2 pics), it was an earthy gold flash.

direct afternoon sunlight for both

Something I didn't even notice until after I'd been wearing it for several days: that shimmer actually shifts past emerald and on into electric blue.  Gorgeous!!

direct morning sunlight at an angle = fantastic jade-blue-green color
drops of water and angled light show off the duochromatic nature of that shimmer
I didn't even realize until I started editing pictures that I'd seen this before...

indoor, bright CF lighting
Stand in the Clouds was part of  Femme Fatale's 2014 Cthulhu collection, and has been sold out at stockists for quite some time.  Quixotica is not at all a dupe - the gold flash is a little more prominent in Quixotica, Clouds has gold and holo microglitters instead of flakies, and Quixotica is just a touch darker and more opaque at the same number of coats.  But the overall "feel" of both polishes is quite similar, so this might soothe the lemming for people that couldn't get their hands on the Femme.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Quixotica is a lovely color that needs 2 and a half coats to be smoothly opaque.  It wore much better than jellies usually do on me, with smoothly even edgewear but no chips after 3+ days.  And surprise duochromes always make me happy.

Where to buy:  direct from Baroness X.



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