Parrot Polish Arauna + Northern Lights

I recently saw a swatch photo of Parrot Polish's Arauna that had me rushing to their store to snap that one up, plus a few other interesting shades (apparently, magnetic polish is a thing again, woohoo!), and I'm super glad that this new-to-me brand lived up to that fantastic pic.

window-filtered daylight
Arauna is a lovely raspberry wine crelly thermal that actually appears to be both cool- and warm-sensitive.  It has a scattering of very fine holo particles that you can see in the bottle above, but really didn't translate to the nail at all (I'm thinking the formula was too opaque when cold to really let them show through).  I topped it with a coat of INM Northern Lights (a finely sparkling silver holo particle top coat - a total fave), so all nail pics you see here are more holo than Arauna would be alone.

window-filtered morning daylight
Arauna had a utterly lovely formula - smooth and easy to work with - that dried down to a rubbery matte finish, typical for most thermal polishes.  While wet and then drying but without topcoat, no holo particles were visible at all, hence my Northern Lights topper.  Arauna once topcoated had that lovely molten glass, slightly transparent look that I associate with gel shine products.

indoor, office fluorescent lighting
The thing I found most interesting about this polish was that it ended up looking like a 3-toned thermal in most lighting.  The cold color was a good couple of shades darker than the bottle color, while the warm color was a just slightly-tinted nearly clear.  In all of these transition pics, you can see zones of 3 different tonal shades of berry.

outdoor, direct afternoon sunlight
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  Arauna is a magnificently lovely color, and wore like iron to boot - no chipping and minimal edgewear by 4+ days (yes, I wore it for most of the week).

Where to buy:  direct from Parrot Polish, or browse their offerings on Amazon (where it looks like there's a discount code right now).



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