Pahlish Stormcage

Everyone else does this thing where new stuff sitting on the swatching table somehow manages to jump ahead of all the other spectacular things in the mountain of untrieds, right?

indoor, bright CF lighting
Stormcage is from this year's There is a Song collection from Pahlish - so named for moments of importance for River Song from Doctor Who.  It was listed as "violet" and the swatch pics convinced me it was a blackened purple... but it's absolutely one of those colors you can debate about.  I ultimately decided it was darkest navy blue, but YMMV of course.

outdoor, indirect daylight
Filling this navy/violet jelly base is a dense array of flakes in at least a few colors.  I see larger silver metallic flakes, itty-bitty cobalt microflakes (or are they chunky glass flecks?), and lavender and grey microflakes.  The overall effect at arm's length is closer to purple, but like I said, debate away.

outdoor, direct sunlight
window-filtered shady daylight
No matter what color you think this is, the flakes are utterly luscious in all kinds of lighting, and help make sure that this super dark polish never appears to be surprise black.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Bonus: those flakes apply very smoothly, and then come off without too much effort.

direct afternoon sunlight
For stamping, I've used they chrysanthemum full-nail design from my trusty Bundle Monster Japan plate (BM-XL-155) using Hit the Bottle's Paint the Town Violet, with Born Pretty silver to do a single accent mum on a couple of nails.

Where to buy:  Pahlish generally restocks any one collection for a few months, then retires it; the Song collection is now gone.  Try destashes or facebook groups.



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