Faux White Watermarbling + Flakies

This past week had me off to another work trip, this time for CE and hanging out with my colleagues from the other side of the country, so I went with professionally subtle, but with a definite nailista flair.

indoor for all pics
I was inspired by the lovely Emily de Molly - she had a gorgeous mani that involved flakies under a white stamp, and my new HeHe plates were just begging to be used.

This is one coat of Girly Bits Enabler, a gorgeously bright and seriously shifty iridescent flakie - it's more shocking pink than Essie Shine of the Times and her dupes, and I think might actually hit a few more colors overall, too.  I've then topped it with the freeflow watermarble pattern from HeHe 037, from their "Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio" collection.

Like most round plates, this one is pretty petite and I honestly would have liked it more if the marble design occupied an even half (or more) of the plate, instead of having the adorable goldfish and water lilies taking up 2/3 of the plate.  The design wraps around a long enough curve that it was fairly easy to pick up a different part of it for each finger (keeping the design as random and organic-looking as possible), but there were a few places where placement was then tricky due to how narrow things were.

The flakes glimmering out from under the white gave a subtle pearlescence at arm's length, and the overall design was rather like an updated french.

Flakies are gorgeous in low or bright lighting, so this was a huge win overall for me.  And finally, an action shot, from the after-hours part of the CE meeting:



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