Sephora OPI 212-Sephora Goes Goth!

This week is a live music extravaganza in my area.  I have friends going to a whole list of different shows, and I'm hitting up 2 concerts this week. Crazy!  The interesting unifying thing for all of them is that these acts all had their heydays in the 80s and 90s - turns out me and my crew are too old for Bieber or whatever the kids are into these days, haha!

indoor, CF lighting
For my first show, I went with SOPI's 212-Sephora.  Originally sold only at the NYC store, this polish is supposed to be reminiscent of neon lights or cigarette ashes sparking on wet asphalt.

indoor, bright CF lighting
212 is a black jelly base that's absolutely packed with a rich bronze shimmer (enough that it looks like a blackened bronze at arm's length), then scattered with fire-colored flakies (the ones that shift from gold to orange to red), and lightly dusted with tiny holo microglitters.  It's sheer enough to need 2.5-3 coats, but the formula dries quickly and is very easy to work with.

outdoor, direct afternoon daylight
I stamped this spooky spiderweb design using BP silver stamping polish and Bundle Monster BM-013 positioned in a few different ways to go as goth as possible because my Wednesday night show was The Cure!

Absolutely fantastic, and well worth checking out in your area - they played for 2.5+ hours and covered everything from back in the day to so new I've not heard it.  This also provided a great excuse to bust out my huge sterling and tropical oyster-shell spider pendant.  Love it!

Rating:  I've worn 212 a few times now and still love it.  4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  Sephora and OPI broke up a year or two ago, but I just checked, and there's a few bottles of this on ebay from $10 and up.



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