Hard Candy Coconut + MOAR MUSIC!

Continuing my musical nails for the week, I went in a totally different direction; since the opposite of goth is cute...

indoor, bright CF lighting
I've picked up a few of the Hard Candy anniversary re-releases now.  Though I was certainly into polish in my college days, apparently I wasn't hardcore yet because I never would have considered dropping $15 or 20 on a bottle of anything at that time.  The $4 releases at wally world, though, hey, i'll give that a whirl.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Coconut is exactly as creamy a white as that name would suggest.  The formula is, to be blunt, crappy: it goes on with a subtly granular appearance in the first coat that had me worried it was going to end up legit lumpy.  3 coats were needed to get this to opacity, and with topcoat, POOF, things were for the most part magically evened out.

indoor, CF lighting
Coconut has a hot magenta-pink shimmer that's readily apparent in the bottle, yet 100% invisible on the nail.  The macro shot above shows plenty of that flash in the bottle, and a nice smear of it up my finger, and absolutely none on the nail.  Still, this is somehow imminently wearable for a stark white, so maybe it's secretly having some sort of visual impact.

indoor, CF lighting
My 2nd concert this week was a double-bill of Sting and Peter Gabriel.  Also awesome!  My design here is using the Clear Jelly Stamper music & notes plate with a variety of polishes in a rainbow design, then topped with INM Northern Lights.

Rating:  coconut gets a pretty rough 2 out of 5 stars.  It's just not all that, but it did wear well.

Where to buy:  this one is a walmart exclusive, so another choice is to hit up ebay and destash sales.



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