NerdLacquer P versus NP

After a polish-making hiatus, NerdLacquer re-opened her web store early this year, and has been periodically stocking new trios without fanfare.  I recently took the plunge and ordered a few from one of the first ladies to make indies be a Big Thing, with my first one being P versus NP.

indoor, bright CF lighting
P versus NP is named for an unsolved Millennium Prize math problem (oh no, this girl is NOT getting her polish inspiration from junk reality tv!).  It's a greyed taupe, just a touch more warm tan than you'd call a neutral cement grey, with both a linear holo and metallic gold flakies.

outdoor, bright sunlight
In very bright sunlight, the flakies were masked by a pale gold flash and the delicate sparkling of the linear holo arc, but were otherwise visible the majority of the time, and of course most noticeable in shady light.

indirect, window-filtered daylight
The formula on this one was slightly thicker and more sticky than ideal, but ultimately self-leveled perfectly to a glossy crelly shine even before topcoat.  The flakies don't stick out at all, and the finish was very smooth.

outdoor, bright sunlight
indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars, and an utterly fantastic subversive, on-trend, office-appropriate neutral, should you be in need of one.

Where to buy:  direct from NerdLacquer's web store.



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