Frenzy Polish Autumn Symphony

My first foray into Frenzy Polish has been sitting here unloved for more than a few months, but seeing swatches of something else by her reminded me about the couple of fantastic flakies that I needed to get around to, including Autumn Symphony.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Autumn has a pretty perfect name:  this isn't the super pale and bright blue of a summer sky, but a heavier cadet blue of cooler weather with a few storm clouds.  Its rich, creamy base is packed with metallic copper and tiny red flakies, just the color of crushed fall leaves.

indirect afternoon daylight
This was nicely opaque in 2 coats, and was fantastically self-leveling to a lovely glossy smoothness.  One layer of topcoat, and this was nice & glassy.  This is, of course, the type of blue that will cling like a barnacle to your cuticles, so be sure to paint careful and be handy with the clean-up brush.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The flakes were in no way shy, with a high enough contrast that the speckled finish was plenty visible even at arm's length.

indoor, bright CF lighting
To match the copper flakes, I stamped with Hit the Bottle's Copper Haired Girl using a geometric feathers or chevrons pattern off of Bundle Monster's BM-410 plate.

I'm REALLY loving the HTB stamping polishes!!
Rating:  somewhere between 3 and 4 out of 5 stars.  The formula is fantastic, and this polish wore like iron - I wore it for a few days on its own, then kept it on after the stamping for a few more, total of 5+ days.  I'm just still not sure that this blue works on me, with just a tinge of lobster hands.

Where to buy:  direct from Frenzy.



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