Femme Fatale The Weirding Way

When ya gotta glitter, ya gotta glitter: Femme Fatale's The Weirding Way.

indoor, CF lighting
The Weirding Way, part of this year's Dune collection, is more than a little bit of a chameleon.  The jelly base reflects different lighting conditions very differently, so that sometimes it's a brown-tinged wine and others it's a dusty mauve pink.

outdoor, indirect daylight
Overlying the base color is a scattering of glitters in various sizes, some holographic, and a heavy electric blue shimmer.

outdoor, indirect early morning daylight
2 coats were close to opaque, but a partial coat brushed mainly over the tips opaqued the edges nicely.  The formula was fantastic for a glitter, requiring no dabbing at all to get this nicely even glitter spread.

outdoor, indirect daylight
The blue shimmer was prominent in most all lighting - nothing shy or hidden here!  Glitters stuck up just a little, especially around the edges, but were pretty simple to push back into place while still a little wet.

direct late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A totally interesting and unique color that I want to revisit as a possible match/accent to Hundred Years Winter.

Where to buy:  check out the list of FF's stockists, as this collection is still available in most places.



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