Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair

Redheads make up only a tiny percentage of the world population (there's a pretty decent book about it if you'd like to trace both the genetics and cultural response to the phenomenon), and as a ginger myself, I'm a sucker for redhead things.  To whoever posted a swatch pic of this one, thanks, you sucked me straight into needing this one!

indoor, CF lighting
Her Red Hair is a Llarowe exclusive for Nailland Hungary.  The ladies there said they wanted a color that represented all the shades that red hair can be - fiery orange, red, copper gold - but do do so as a duochrome that didn't also shade to purple or green.  I think they've really captured that inspiration here.

angled late afternoon sunlight
Orange flames, check.

outdoor, overcast daylight
Scarlet red, edged in bronze and copper, check.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Cooler, not-quite-berry red with a lovely shine, check.

Her Red Hair is duochromatic shimmer of a warm fire color that's packed into a cooler berry red base - the underside of my nails and the bottle neck were a very different color than the final look!  It ends up shifty but subtly so - lacking the in-your-face flash of some of the crazy multichromes - but the understated drama is very nice.  The formula is easy to work with, opaque in 2 coats, with minimal brush strokes (which can of course be a pain in some duochromes that border on metallic shiny like this).

outdoor, direct sunlight
I was feeling pretty tropical this week, now that the not-quite-summer heat has kicked in, and double stamped with palm fronds from MoYou Tropical 12 plate and hibiscus flowers from the edge of one of the designs on MoYou Tropical 06, using Emily de Molly stamping polishes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  It's a gorgeous color, and though I'm neither really a RED junkie nor someone who buys stuff just for the name, I'm glad I did both here.  This one chipped a little in just a couple of days, but once I patched the imperfection, it then wore fine for several days after that with no trouble.

Where to buy: I snagged this out of a destash that happened to be the first time I'd ever heard of it.  If anyone does order from Nailland Hungary, let me know how it works!



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