Baroness X Amphitrite

Early this year, Baroness X started releasing mystery polishes once per month, each themed on a myth or legend, and each paired with a handful of scented bath or nail care items.  While mysteries aren't my thing in general (I have waaaaayyy too many polishes to risk being sad over getting something dupe-ish), the Baroness herself posts a "hint" in her fan group that's been enough to let me know whether or not i'll want the polish in question.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Amphitrite was the Monthly Mythical Mystery for April.  Named for the Greek sea goddess, it's a lovely sky-blue crelly scattered with both blue-to-green iridescent flakies and blue-green shimmer.

indoor, bright CF lighting
This polish went on quite sheer and was a little streaky at first, but built up nicely in 3 coats.  It did need a layer of topcoat to let the shimmer sparkle and to meld those layers, but once topcoated, it had a lovely glassy shine.

outdoor, bright sunlight
The under-shot shows both the sheerness (the shimmer does hide VNL just fine) and the soft touch of grey that I really love in blue and green polishes - the subtle hint of grey deletes all possibility of lobster hands for me.

outdoor, shady daylight
outdoor, bright sunlight
While the shimmer was plenty visible in bright light, the flakies were either subtly buried in the base or were sparse to begin with.  I thought about topping with some Nfu-oh 40 to punch up the ocean-colored flakies, but then remembered my excitement over trying out my new Clear Jelly Stamper plates, which included an ocean theme... match made in heaven!

indoor, window-filtered daylight
The idea behind the CJS stampers is that they include several "pieces" of each little image that can be layered so you can stamp each one sequentially rather than making decals.  I'm plenty pleased with the outcome for my first time giving this technique a whirl.

indoor, window-filtered daylight.  the plate included a base color, outline, and spots for the starfish.
I loved how Amphitrite's shimmer looked peeking through the seaweed & little fish.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Amphitrite's gorgeous crelly texture would be perfect with either more visible flakies, or more shimmer in place of flakies at all, but either way the base color is lovely.  I had smooth, even edgewear after a few days, but no chips.

Where to buy:  while this one is gone, you can ponder the next mystery for the first week of each month at Baroness X's web store.



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