Cadillacquer Masterpiece

Today, I have Cadillacquer's luscious jade green crelly, Masterpiece.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Masterpiece is from a 2013 Dexter-themed collection (it's a blood splatter, see?), and in the time it's been hanging out untried in my stash, it's developed the slightest hint of UBS and the glitter has all settled to the bottom.  Fortunately, a vigorous shake corrected both of these issues, but I did have to stop and re-shake every couple of fingers to re-suspend the glitters.

window-filtered morning daylight
The crelly formula is sheer, but not quite watery, which both really let the glitters show through nicely and also brought out a fantastic shine even before topcoat.  The smaller glitters dispersed very evenly, but the larger ones needed just a dab of placement here and there to even out.  I was worried that the larger hexes would poke out of the thinner crelly base a bit, but nope, only one layer of regular (not "glitter taming" type) topcoat was enough.

window-filtered morning daylight
2 coats of Masterpiece's easy to work with formula looked quite nice, and the younger polishing me would have left it... but pro me knew that a 3rd was a good idea, and sure enough, the color got richer and another bit of glitter layered out to juuuuuust right that way.

outdoor, full sunlight
This is absolutely one of those shades of green that clings to cuticles like nobody's business, so careful painting is a good idea.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, a completely gorgeous color that's right up my alley.  I considered topping it with a red glitter to get a little more of that pop, but ended up loving it as-is the day after I painted.

Where to buy:  my stateside hookup for Cadillacquer is Color4Nails.



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