Hard Candy Blue Lagoon

Who doesn't love a great blue polish?  There's a reason that Revlon Royal, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and Nails Inc Baker Street are all perennial faves, despite a lack of holo/glitter/shimmer/everything else that makes a nail polish junkie click "add to cart"... and I'm fascinated by how many of the best blues are drugstore finds.

indoor, CF lighting
Once upon a time, I sent my partner off to dreaded walmart to find one or two of the Hard Candy anniversary polishes (his office is literally next door to the den of iniquity), and he came home with a whole handful of these little test tubes beyond what I'd been hunting.  Blue Lagoon is a drop-dead gorgeous deeply saturated cobalt blue crelly that gets to an amazingly even opacity in just 2 coats.  Because some blues have a distinct whiff of sulphur, it's worth mentioning that this one really didn't.

window-filtered daylight
That perfect blue is of course a perfect base for some nail art.  I've stamped here using Sinful's Kameleon and the flowy beaded curtain pattern from URB-02.

window-filtered daylight
Blue Lagoon dries to a very nice shine on its own, so with topcoat it looks like molten glass.  YASSS.

For a rare conjunction of awesome circumstance, both my partner and I were off on the same weekend day, and the weather was just perfect!  We hopped in the car to spend the day at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  Plenty of ponies were right out next to the main road on the island, and tons of seabirds were sprinting across the beach.  And these made the perfect beach nails.

glorious sunlight, of course
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for Blue Lagoon's lovely formula and killer color.  2 caveats to this being perfect: you know as soon as you see a blue this saturated that it's going to stain the crap out of your cuticles, and this is no exception.  Also, the tall, thin test-tube style bottle means you're working with a tall, thin brush that has a tendency to drip polish down it as you paint.  In other words, try really hard to paint carefully, but know that the need for cleanup is inevitable.

Where to buy:  sadly, Hard Candy is a walmart exclusive at this point, but I've seen it from time to time on Amazon & Ebay.  This was a nice quality polish that was only about $3, so it's a huge win.



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