March for Science!

This Earth Day Saturday it was time to storm the National Mall again, this time in support of Science and all it does to safeguard and improve our lives.  This blog is run by a couple of scientists, so the March was near and dear to my heart!

As with last time, I preferred my protest sign small and imminently portable (hey, there's far more clever folks than me making signboards!).  Remember, guys, "alternative fact" is just a multisyllabic way to say "lies."

I'm a biologist at my core, so the science type I picked to compliment a demand for real facts was a twist of DNA on each thumb.

And because russian meddling in things is on everyone's mind, I had to give a whirl to one of the infamously impossible russian blogger hand poses (hat tip to my eternally amused partner for guest photography skills):

Educate yourself, read quality news sources, speak out against cutting funding for the government organizations that protect our health!



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