#PAAManiSwap part 2: Rainbow Faux Spray Marble

Because one Melissa design just wasn't enough, here's round 2, my take on her rainbow-striped spray marble:

Melissa on the left, and my version on the right
The original design can be found on Melissa's instagram @liss_929 here.

window-filtered daylight
I'm actually 3 years old and looooove rainbow nails, but haven't really given rainbow a whirl as nail art.  Once again, I've been inspired to play around with my stash instead of only swatching it.  Melissa's neon original has a vibrant summertime feel that I wanted to keep even though neons aren't my bag, and I think these bright jelly holos fit the bill.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Like with my last effort at recreating one of Melissa's designs, I found a stamping plate that had a similar finished look and feel to her hand-done work.  First, I painted a freehand striped gradient using moderately sheer jelly-style linear holos so they'd blend nicely together at the edges (no sponges needed when you use jellies, just overlap the edges a little bit on each layer).  I used Jade Vermelho Surreal, Jade Irresistivel, Enchanted March 2014, Jade Hypnose, and Hits Dionisio, then topped with the spray marble pattern from HeHe 081 in black.

it's rainbow-ception!
The black lacy overlay really ties the whole design together, and like my last recreation, I've gotten tons of compliments this week  <3 p="">


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