Tonic Mermaid Scales

After Greenglow was so lovely, I thought it was time to get to the other half of the Color 4 Nails exclusive duo, Mermaid Scales.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Mermaid Scales is a bright fuchsia to green multichrome with a scattered holo sparkle tossed in.  The holo is very similar to what you'd get with a few coats of INM Northern Lights topcoat, a scattering of rainbow refractions that appear as a silver dust in low light, and not a holo flame.

holo sparkle in bright sunlight
Straight-on and in most lighting, Mermaid Scales is a rich fuchsia-wine color, a little cooler or warmer on one edge.  I've been wearing it as a pedi color, too, and there's much less shiftiness on my toes - what you see here is what I get.

window-filtered daylight

outdoor, bright sunlight
But with just a little tilt of the hands, and this shifts from berry to dusky pink to salmon to warm bronze.

direct late afternoon sunlight
And on over to green, with this shift even more apparent in lower lighting.

window-filtered morning daylight
window-filtered indirect light
It's chrome-y in low light and sparkling in bright light, and was nicely opaque in 2 smooth coats.  No problems at all with the formula, and it wore fairly amazingly, with only light edgewear after 4 days.

window-filtered indirect daylight
To compliment all the colors in Mermaid Scales' spectrum, I stamped with MoYou London Frosted Lips (a silvery pink pretty ideal for this) and a swirling pattern reminiscent of roses from Creative Shop 17.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Rating:  a lovely 4 out of 5 stars for this shifty multichrome.

Where to buy:  as with its sister Greenglow, this was a C4N LE, so stalk the store for restocks or shop destashes.



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