OCC Technopagan

The rainy weather lately had me pondering untried duochromes or anything as far from holo as possible, and this vampy beauty popped right up.

indoor, CF lighting
Obsessive Compulsive's Technopagan is a royal purple with a phenomenally metallic bright blue contrasting shimmer - the exact combo that all my cameras just refuse to cooperate with.  I have pics from both my cell and my Canon, and both of them pick up the shimmer much more than the base.  This means the colors are accurate (the blue is this vibrant and POW!) but incomplete (dial up the purple at the edges a bit and it's right).

window-filtered rainy afternoon daylight
Now I know I said I went hunting for a duochrome, but this one shifts so subtly that I'm not inclined to file it as one at all.  The shimmer overlay does become more metallic lilac than metallic cobalt at angles, but that shift required very specific lighting and was impossible to catch on camera.  I've stamped over it with El Corazon Aurora Borealis (itself a duochrome that much more obviously shifts from light blue to purple) using an appropriately geometric pattern from OS-04 stamping plate.

window-filtered daylight
Technopagan was nearly a one-coater, but I'm wearing 2 thin coats here.  As with all tall bottles, it's a little more tricky to wipe off enough polish to be able to apply thin coats, but this formula was perfection and made that easy to do.  It also dried down to a shine so mirrored that in brighter light, reflections of roadside objects would flash across my nails while driving.

window-filtered bright sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Technopagan wins for a great name, a luscious color, decent wear time, and a good formula.

Where to buy:  direct from OCC, or Amazon or Sephora.



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