Femme Fatale The Overlook - Flower & Negative Space Reverse Stamping

I had a conference in Arizona this week, and while it was a professional meeting it was a small group of my colleagues that know I have a thing for fancy nails, so I could toss a little more pizazz on my fingers than you usually would for a meeting.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The accent nail is Femme Fatale's The Overlook, a luscious dark pink holo (scattered + holo glitter) that stops a good few shades shy of red.  The rest is a nude jelly, quite sheer, tinted just enough at 2 coats to do a flawless "my nails but better" base for some negative space stamping.

window-filtered bright daylight
Thanks to the magic of the internets, I tried a new reverse-stamping technique instead of making decals this time.  The flowers and arcing swirls are from TU-L018 and done in El Corazon white stamping polish.  The accent nail was of course stamped directly, but the rest were done by picking up the white outlines onto the stamper, coloring in the flowers with The Overlook, painting the nail with a "sticky" type base coat, waiting a minute or so for the base coat layer to be tacky and what was on the stamper to be mostly dry, then just stamping directly on the nails.  MUCH less effort than making decals, and much easier to place on the nail!

outdoor, on the balcony of the lovely Arizonan resort
I was super proud of how these turned out - beautifully feminine and pretty, with colors that really suited me (even though pink is not  my usual thing at all).

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for the lovely Overlook, which wore great as both a sorta stamping polish and on its own.

Where to buy:  The Overlook was part of a Halloween LE duo that's now sold out.  Check Femme's international stockists to see if there's a bottle left hiding, or else haunt destashes & blog sales.



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