Zoya Olivera

One good purple-green duochrome deserves another, and after the bright metal of a England's Katyusha, I swung all the way back over to blackened vampy with Zoya's Olivera.

indoor, CF lighting
This bottle shot tells the whole story right up front:  Olivera is a lush, inky navy blue packed with a duochromatic shimmer that shifts from purple to emerald.  In one coat (and if you use a medium-thick coat, one is all you need), it's a more sapphire blue.  In two as shown here, the blue darkens out to navy - if you have some sweet skills managing consistency of your application technique, you really do have 2-in-1 here.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Olivera has to be the closest thing I've ever seen to the iridescence of a grackle.  In low light, it's never quite black, always keeping at least a suggestion of color around the edges, like a grackle in shadow.  Either Maleficent fans or birdwatchers or just lovers of vampy shades in general should just snap this right on up ASAP.

outdoor, shady daylight
In the sun, again like the flash of sunlight on a grackle's iridescent head, wow does the emerald green come out to play, looking often right at the edge of teal while shining through the inky blue base.

outdoor, direct sunlight
And then shifting right on over to purple at angles.

outdoor, direct sunlight
seriously:  Grackle iridescence in polish form (image from wikipedia, click here for link)
outdoor, direct sunlight, shimmering like feathers
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The one drawback of Olivera is that it's so inky dark that even the slightest of edgewear is starkly visible to a polish junkie's eye, and I did get very mild tip wear in just a bit over a day.  The formula was thick but smooth and easy to work with, and cleanup wasn't too hellacious for a shade this dark.  

Where to buy:  Zoya is sold at beauty shops like Ulta, and is readily available on Amazon or direct from Zoya.



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