SpaRitual Lithophonic

It's not my everyday M.O., but sometimes you just get the urge to go super matchy-matchy, like my nails are part of my jewelry.  Since I was wearing a green top with tigereye bronze & brown jewelry, SpaRitual's Lithophonic fit the bill.

indoor, CF lighting
Lithophonic is a cool-leaning dark brown with a very fine forest green shimmer that's only subtly apparent on the nail - the shimmer ends up being such a small particle so thoroughly integrated that it generally just makes this brown lean a little more green.

indoor, bright CF lighting - this macro is the only place you'll really see the green shimmer
To echo the swirls in my tigereye jewelry, I've stamped using El Corazon's lush bronze-green foil Sea Depths and the radiating feather/teardrop geometric design from Creative Shop Plate 71.  Aside note - CS might be my all time fave plate maker.  She does gorgeously small, intricate drawn images that are always etched perfectly, and end up picking up effortlessly even with tricky polishes.  YES.

indirect, overcast daylight
In lower light, the brown looked a lot more chocolatey, while in brighter light the metallic gleam of the foil stamping polish took over.

direct afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Lithophonic went on a streaky but borderline sticky mess in the first coat, then self-leveled perfectly and became 100% opaque and gave me no troubles at all on the 2nd coat.  It dries to an almost rubberized matte finish, so topcoat is required for this polish.  It wore rather well, and I got tons of compliments on this design.  I think what I really wanted was for the green to pop a bit more, or to look more like a contrasting overlay.

Where to buy:  SpaRitual is readily available on Amazon or in Ulta stores.



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