Femme Fatale Defiled in Gold

As per usual when I'm feeling indecisive, the man picked a color for me.  As soon as he went for "metallic gold" (whaaaaa?  so unusual for him!), I grabbed the newest gold in my stash, Femme Fatale's Defiled in Gold.

indoor, CF lighting
Defiled in Gold is from the recent Neon Demon collection, based off the movie of the same name, and this polish is inspired by a pivotal scene in the middle that involves gold body paint in this exact shade.  It's a strange, atmospheric movie somewhere in between allegory and horror, and absolutely worth picking up if you dig flicks with a decidedly indie bent.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Wiping the brush back into the bottle, this seems to be a mahogany-tinted base that's jam packed with gold metallic shimmer then dusted with holo microglitters and scattered holo sparkle.  The overall effect is a very warm gold that appeared copper in a lot of lighting for me.

shady morning daylight
In lower light, it shifted back toward gold and the tone cooled a little, but this is never a pale new-gold color.  The formula went on very smoothly and was nearly opaque in 1 coat (shown in 2 here, though that didn't deepen the color).  The holo microglitters do need a layer of topcoat for smoothing shine, but they don't give the polish much texture.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Wanting to stick with the sun-kissed LA theme of the polish, I stamped using a funky triangle pattern from my giant XXL-4 plate in MoYou London Galaxy and Electric Teal.

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This is a luxe color that's interestingly unique in my stash even though it's relatively simple.  The warmth of the coppery tone wasn't always flattering on my skin, so that's worth considering if you have a skin tone that reflects warm vs cool colors very differently.  Still, I liked this one a lot and can see pairing it with a more softly sandy gold or a bright blue in a beach-themed mani.

Where to buy:  Femme Fatale's list of international stockists, or purchase directly from them.



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