Laurena Magnetic Red 01

Quite a while ago, Suzy took me to a beauty supply store near her house that had a gargantuan nail polish selection.  There were several well-known brands, but lots of it was smaller (though not indie) brands we'd never heard of, and all of it was very, very affordable.  One of the unheard-of brands, Laurena, had a rack of magnetic polishes for just a couple bucks apiece that instantly called my name, and I grabbed this luscious red straight away.  I never stopped loving magnetic polish, and with the newer, more powerful neodymium magnets, they're back into trend again.

indoor, CF lighting
OMFG LOOK AT THAT.  Dying here.

The bottle is labeled simply as "Magnetic Red 01" and my experience with this one makes me want to drive back to that store to snap up the rest.  This polish was very easy to work with, and had smooth, even coverage on the first coat - if you liked the color if it by itself, it'd be a one-coater.  MR01 initially goes on as a warm brick-toned red, very slightly more brownish than what you see in the bottle shot above.  Applying the magnet darkens the polish color by drawing all of the glowy red shimmer particles to it, leaving the inky base with less shimmer.  The end result is that the magnet creates a bright red stripe in a sea of blackened red, and the overall look is true scarlet.

indoor, CF lighting, with the bottle magnetized as well
In the above pic, I've briefly touched the magnet to the polish bottle to show the dramatic and instant change the magnet produces.  I'm using the very powerful Dance Legend "cat's eye" bar magnet, and not the weaker stripe-pattern magnet that came with the polish.  These newer neodymium bar magnets create a single bold stripe in whatever direction you hold the magnet, rather than the patterned magnets that most polishes came with the last time this was trendy, though of course all magnets work with all magnetic polishes.  I found this magnet to be very easy to work with, magnetizing both the 2nd coat of polish then again each nail after topcoat to really set the design.  The way the shimmery stripe reflected the light shifted with every tilt of the fingers, genuinely looking like a cat's eye gemstone.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
The deep, vampy color on either side of the classic red color of the magnet line was dead sexy, and  I think this would be a great look for pretty much every special occasion imaginable, from date night to Halloween.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Rating:  a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.  This polish applied easily, wore well, and looked great doing it.  All for about $2.  Seriously.

Where to buy:  now that's the problem.  I've looked all over the interwebs and come up with nothing.  Apparently, this magic can only be found at beauty supply shops?  Good luck!



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