Barielle Buddha-ful

This week, our lab had The Big Inspection (tm), so understated or professional or slightly less colorful than usual was in order.  I'd just recently gotten a bottle of Barielle's Buddha-ful off of ebay, and the soft nude color seemed about perfect.

indoor, bright CF lighting
From the 2011 Spring collection, Buddha-ful is a soft, sheer nude jelly that is absolutely packed with the sort of iridescent translucent flakies that shift from green to turquoise to blue (I call them "ocean" flakies as opposed to the more "fire" flakies in things like Essie's Shine of the Times).  The formula was absolutely sheer enough to be used as a topper, with the only lightly tinted jelly base likely only lightening a base color a little.  It applied smooth and even, drying without texture or streaks at each coat, and built nicely at each coat.  I'm wearing 2 here, but if less VNL is important I think it'd be approximately opaque at 4.

window-filtered daylight
Unlike the old Polish proverb "not my circus, not my monkeys," everything going on at the lab is absolutely my problem to solve, so as a wink to my own sense of humor, accent nails had leaping monkeys in El Corazon Mysterious Mars using MoYou London's Year of the Monkey zodiac plate.

indoor, CF lighting
This was an absolutely perfect "my nails but better" shade for me, and because the jelly tint was so smooth and sheer, I think that would still be true for a surprisingly broad range of skin tones.  The flakies were always visible even in low light as a subtle flash of color, but weren't in your face bold.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 beautiful stars.  This applied nicely and wore well, and the only thing that could make it better for me would be just a hint more opacity.

Where to buy:  Buddha-ful didn't make it to Barielle's core collection, but I picked up that bottle off of ebay less than a month ago, so it should still be relatively locatable without paying crazy money.



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