Comparison: Shleee Covenant, Femme Fatale Evil Queen, and Enchanted Entwined

Ever since the super limited Femme Fatale Evil Queen came out, I was on a hunt for it, and was super excited to pick it up in a destash a few months ago.  When I was filing Shlee Covenant (because my polish is sorted by color), I was struck by the similarities between these two - Comparison time!

indoor, CF lamp lighting
For all pics the order is the same, left to right:  Shleee Covenant, Femme Fatale Evil Queen, and Enchanted Entwined (which had been discussed as a possible near-dupe for EQ).

This first bottle shot above tells most of the tale - no dupes here, though all are very much in a similar sisterhood, and Evil Queen sits right in the middle of the other two.

CF lamp lighting
Just like the last time I compared it to a few other things, Entwined is by far the shiftiest of these three, and neither of the other two hit that hot magenta flash, though all 3 do shift very obviously.

CF lighting
Covenant and Evil Queen seem to have the same amount and type of cobalt blue shimmer, while Entwined's is a little sparser and much finer.

CF lighting for both
On the nail, all are able to pull off a gorgeously vampy blackened plum with blue and warm purple flashes, but EQ is a little more obvious than Covenant about showing the color tilt, and Entwined is the most shifty.

Finally, the base colors of the polishes are just a touch different, making all the duochromatic shimmer work a little differently in the mix.

CF lamp lighting, one thin coat brushed wide to disperse the shimmer & holo
Covenant's base is more brown-toned than the others, and Entwined's is more reddish (I actually file Entwined under "wine" while the other two are filed under "purple").  Covenant's holo is a flake type (which I often find to be plain dull silver in most light, but not this, it was plenty flashy), while the other two appear to have large holo dust or even super tiny holo glitter.

TL;DR:  Evil Queen is closest to Covenant in terms of the shimmer and shift, but closer to Entwined's holo density and base color.  No dupes, buy all the things!



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