Eat Sleep Polish The Winged Monkeys

Deciding it was time for a switch-up to a non-springtime vampy dark, I pulled Eat Sleep Polish The Winged Monkeys out for a spin this week.

indoor, bright CF lighitng
The Winged Monkeys is a black base full of vampy plum holo shimmer.  When wet, it looks just like the bottle - a subtle gleam of wine-colored smoke sparkling over the dark, but when it dries down (yes, even after topcoating as I always do) it appears nearly black in most lighting.

shady, overcast daylight
The formula is a touch thick, which is actually helpful since if this pooled in the sidewalls you'd have a very difficult time with clean up.  As it was, this ultra dark shade clings pretty tenaciously to cuticles - careful painting is an absolute must here.  TWM is nearly opaque on the first coat, but needs a second to even everything out, and dries satin so needs topcoat.

outdoor, bright sunlight for both

Even in bright sunlight, the shimmer somehow sinks into the polish, giving a much more subtle sparkle than what the bottle suggested.  It's a classy off-black that will likely be an attractive base for flakies or toppers that really pop over black, but I didn't love it enough to wear it solo for long.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
I wanted to bring back the subtle vampy shimmer of the bottle without going for a bold, obvious stamping pattern - this is Hit the Bottle Paint the Town Violet using a trilaterally symmetrical design from the Symetrika 04 plate.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A decent formula and wear time, but surprise black polishes make me a sad monkey.

Where to buy:  Eat Sleep Polish is sadly closed now, so check in destashes and blog sales.



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