Shleee Covenant

If you're not following Shleee on IG or FB, you're missing out on some crazyawesome shimmers.  She posts new creations throughout the week, with the whole batch scheduled to launch early each Friday morning... then once they're gone, only a few ever make a repeat appearance.

indoor, CF lighting
I've been loving her recent series of Alien-themed polishes, and when Covenant arrived, my partner said it should definitely be next in line.  With this gorgeous blue-in-wine flash, I had to agree.

outdoor, overcast daylight
Covenant is a deep plummy wine with a slightly brown undertone, packed with a duochromatic shimmer that flashes from cobalt blue over to a warm purple, and sprinkled with very bright holo flake.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
The blue-to-purple shift is of course most obvious in lower lighting, but at very steep angles in bright light, a lovely bright magenta flash pops over the edge too.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Head-on in bright sunlight, the holo sparks were out to play, while the deep base color and the cobalt blue resulted in a super vampy look.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
The first coat went on quite sheer but very even, and though I thought it'd take 3, I'm showing 2 coats here for full opacity.  The utter loads of blue shimmer meant that cleanup needed 2 passes because it stuck all over my skin, but the gorgeously glowy effect was completely worth it.

window-filtered daylight
indoor, bright CF lighting
Playing up the summertime sparkle, I stamped using a swooping star image from the big XXL-4 plate and MoYou London Frosted Lips.

late afternoon direct sunlight
Rating:  a glowy luscious 4 out of 5 stars, this one's a keeper!

Where to buy:  direct from Shleee Polish, x your fingers she restocks this one.



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