Blue swirls: Hard Candy Sky + Morgan Taylor Under the Stars

I've been mesmerized by a whole bunch of Russian blogger IG videos where drops of contrasting paint swirled into a base color on the nail make amazing marble patterns effortlessly, and because they make it look so easy I figured I could give it a go.

indoor, CF lighting
While the macro shots highlight a few inconsistencies, at normal viewing length I was super pleased with these, and got tons of compliments.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Sky is a Walmart exclusive, part of the anniversary re-release polishes that launched there last year. The pretty electric blue shimmer visible in the bottle above is extremely subtle on the nail (even in macro pics this is a creme finish and not a shimmer).  The last time I tried out one of these HC subtle shimmers, it had a hot mess of a formula.  Conveniently, thinner polishes with a slower dry time are apparently ideal for this kind of drag marbling on the nail technique, so this seemed like a good idea.
outdoor, shady/overcast daylight
I painted one thin coat of Sky and let it dry nearly completely while I did full clean-up to get the edges just right - the 2nd coat clung to the first, minimizing the need for clean-up at the end.  Then each nail was painted one at a time with a super thick layer of Sky (it has to be thick to let the drops of the contrast color float and spread) and 2 or 3 drops of Morgan Taylor Under the Stars, then swirled with a thin nail art brush.

bright afternoon sunlight
I totally loved this look, and it worked loads better than my prior drag marble attempts.

Where to buy: Morgan Taylor is available all over the internet, and I think at Ulta.  Hard Candy is a Walmart exclusive (sorry).



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