Musical Theater: Blueness 039

More with the event nails!  Friday, I got to go to a fantastic science + music program downtown, so like I've been doing lately, it was time to dress up with a theme.

indoor, CF lighitng
Over a base of berry jelly (there were subtle flakies in there that didn't particularly show up on the nail at any point), I've stamped in Born Pretty silver stamping polish using Blueness 039 plate.  I love the random swirling of music notations on this plate - each nail will look a little different, and there's no "right way up" so there's no challenge of lining up the design.  All of the Blueness plates I have were super cheap, but all stamp great - big thumbs up.  I added a layer of matte topcoat over the whole design, and I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

fancy nails with my enormously fancy pink moonstone ring for our fancy theater tix


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