Pahlish Queen of Swords

I've mentioned before that boxes (subscription or otherwise) are just not my thing... while sometimes falling head over heels for just one thing out of a box.  Fortunately, the resale market and some splitting groups have been kind to me, so as I saw more swatches of Pahlish's contribution to this past February's FTLOP box, I was able to snap it up.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Queen of Swords wins for both a fab name and for the smoky grape/violet purple color.  There's some scattered holo sparkle in here, and an entrancing orchid pink shimmer that's very prominent.

outdoor, direct sunlight
That would be enough, but the shimmer tilts over to a cool bronze at angles:

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
And seems to be a purple-to-green duochrome in lower lighting:

outdoor, overcast daylight
I love polishes that have more than one thing going on, but this beauty has the distinction of all of the shifting elements looking balanced and matching the base color beautifully all the time.

window-filtered shady daylight
I stamped over QoS with a swirling design from STZ-B9 using Esmaltes da Kelly Maria & Wendy creme stamping polishes.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Love the way the shifty shimmer glimmers through!

outdoor, bright sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, this is a super purple.  It went on just a little thick and sticky (typical for Pahlish's formula in my hands), but it stays where you put it and doesn't flood the cuticles.  This wore rather well, looking good for most of my work week.

Where to buy:  since this was a box exclusive, try hunting destashes & blog sales.



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