a England Sleeping Palace & Rose Bower Gradient

Suzy recently posted an utterly flawless gradient of 2 of the new Elizabeth & Mary a England colors, so after texting her to get the technique sort of figured out, i gave it a go myself.

outdoor late afternoon sunlight
This is Sleeping Palace at the base and Rose Bower at the tips, both from a England's Burne-Jones Dream collection.  It's my first attempt at a gradient, and I almost took it off before finishing - after sponging on the colors, it was an uneven textured mess.  Top coat, however, returned it to the gloriously glowy finish I usually get from this brand.

indoor CF lighting
Rose Bower is one of my go-to fave reds, and Sleeping Palace is a fave of many a polish junkie... nuts that this is one of those untried-for-a-year things!!

Yeah, more pics than a simple gradient needs, but I loved how this was a different look in different lights - the subtle scattered holo flash in bright light, and a deeper stone-to-fire feel in lower light.

smolder, sparkle, swoon!
Where to buy:  check out a England's list of international stockists to pick some up.



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