ILNP Undenied (H)

ILNP has some pretty amazing new stuff coming out, and every time she releases a new collection of color-shifting awesomeness, it reminds me of the untried ILNPs in my stash...

indoor CF lighting
Undenied is a very shifty "ultrachrome" - that is, it's a lot more than colors.  I have the holo version; the color change is the same in the regular one, but with a lightly linear holo added.  When viewed straight on, it's a deep, cool-toned purple.

indirect shady sunlight
At any angle, a scarlet red creeps across the curve of the nail, then out to mahogany brown, and ultimately golden bronze.

outdoor, shade
outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
2 coats to total opacity, no undies were needed at all, and it's opaque enough that I don't think you'd get a huge difference over black anyway.  Unlike some duochromes, the shifting is just as clear in bright light as in shady light, and this is definitely one of those where you catch different colors with every tilt of your fingers.

outdoor, direct sunlight.  yes, every nail is a different color, and yes, this is a totally color-accurate pic.
Likewise, the holo flashes in any bright light,indoor or out.

outdoor, direct sunlight
indoor, CF lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  ILNPs are hit and miss for me on wear time: when they're good they're awesome, and when they're not, they chip in a day or two.  Sadly, this was the latter, but that color is just killer.

Where to buy:  direct from the ILNP web store.



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